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Exclamation Hundreds Of Illegal Aliens From Congo (Where Ebola Is) Dumped In Texas Towns

Hundreds Of Illegal Aliens From Congo (Where Ebola Is) Dumped In Texas Towns

Excerpt: Hundreds of illegal aliens from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa, which is currently experiencing a massive Ebola virus outbreak, have been dropped off in San Antonio, Texas and hundreds more will arrive in the near future.

- infowars.com

This isn't just about border control. This is also about the US government taking in hundreds, thousands and even millions of illegal aliens and dropping them off in America... wherever... whenever.

This is also about the potential for mass outbreaks of diseases from untreated, illegal aliens from countries that have foreign viruses that kill.

This is about the tax dollars that hardworking Americans give to the government to help America and Americans and the government blows it on things like illegal aliens and wars across the globe.

This influx of people from the Congo is dangerous. Have you heard of Ebola? It's a killer and people bleed out from it.

The idea to crush borders, destroy cultures, erase sovereign nations and allow the spread... the danger of it... of deadly viruses........ what madman would allow that? Well it's not just one madman. It's a group of people called globalists and "progressives" that want to own the world.
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