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Exclamation Dept. Of Transportation Spying On Drivers, Cell Phones, Bluetooth, Etc.

Dept. Of Transportation Spying On Drivers, Cell Phones, Bluetooth, Etc.

Excerpt: A recent article in the Marin Independent Journal, reveals how Transportation Authorities (DOT's) across the country, are secretly spying on everyone's cellphones, GPS devices and Bluetooth devices. They claim spying is cheaper than other alternatives.

A recent article in Forbes.com warned the Feds have been spying on connected cars for 15 years.

"It was little surprise to find General Motors (GM) had repeatedly worked with cops to hand over not just location but also audio, where conversations were recorded when the in-car cellular connection was switched on..." (Click here to read a 2015 privacy report on how today's vehicles spy on everyone.)

The USDOT's, Active Transportation and Demand Management (ATDM) or Travel Demand Modeling (TDM) programs were created, so the Feds could spy on everyone's electronic devices.

- massprivatei.blogspot.com

Fascinating. People think of the Dept. of Transportation as only dealing in things like roads and buses. But in fact they are in charge of spying on all roadways and drivers, collecting data and saving it for whatever they want to do with it.

We never actively voted to give away all of our personal information or even our travel plans. Citizens simply believe that with improvements in technology that by default the government should be allowed to develop massive spying programs to be used on everyone.

People literally think that this abuse of technology is natural and acceptable. That this is just the way it is.

When did we forget that we pay them our tax money to make a good nation for us to live in as opposed to a big trap?

This constant monitoring of us won't stop here. There is no end point until they have our vital signs monitored 24/7 and even our own thoughts. Why? Because we are humans with unlimited minds and that is a danger to global leadership... those who aim to rule us.

This isn't about traffic control and amassing data on commuter patterns. That is the cover. This data is much more valuable and dangerous in other ways.
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