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Default VIDEO: Lecture - How The Media Is Writing Europeans Out Of European History

VIDEO: Lecture - How The Media Is Writing Europeans Out Of European History

First off let me say that I will stand up for blacks portraying black history in movies and documentaries just as I believe Europeans should be portraying themselves in their own historical films

A black king should be played by a black actor and he should be a male too.

Can you imagine a Caucasian, European actor playing Kunta Kinte in the series, Roots? There would be massive backlash about that today.

So why is it that when Caucasians wear dreadlocks about town... that is called cultural appropriation but when a black actor plays Lancelot from the Knights of the Round-table that is okay and not cultural appropriation?

Remember when white actors would be painted up to play native American Indians? Not cool. Should have used real native American Indians.

The point is that real people of a particular identity should be representing their own people in movies and documentaries.

Allowing Hollywood and these "progressive" producers to water history down with people who are nothing like the legends they portray from an authentic, black, Shaka Zulu to an authentic, white, King Arthur is the intentional morphing and reshaping of history so people forget their history... their thought of history pivots or shifts to a globalist perspective where everyone was everywhere at once when in fact that is not true. This is the reeducation of people, especially targeted young people so that in the future, past history is no longer known.

If you are a group aiming to make people not understand their true history from tribe, tradition, culture, religion, demographics... this is one of the most powerful prongs to use on this propaganda front. Obviously education is the most powerful prong for disseminating propaganda but media and entertainment is a close second because its all about what is being placed into people's minds as fact.

Remember, this is about facts and accuracy, not racism. People who scream "racism" are actually screaming against the races themselves and what makes them each unique and worth preserving as people and sovereign nations. Screaming racism is actually a form of anti-diversity because they want to see no race, only bland people who all look and think alike... the one and only true lack of diversity.

People who say they see "no color" when looking at diverse people or people of a different color than them are lying, politically correct, "progressives". We should all see the color in people, the beauty of it, the uniqueness of each color and what each tribe brings to the table of life. That is real diversity and the real way to honor diversity... not by wanting all people to ignore our differences.

Differences, choices, variety... the heart of life! But also facts, accuracy and reality to maintain the variety of life!
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