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Default Kansas University Offers "Angry White Male" Course Related To Rights Movements

Kansas University Offers "Angry White Male" Course Related To Rights Movements

Excerpt: The University of Kansas is offering a course on angry white men and the role of “dominant and subordinate masculinities” as they connect to “rights-based movements of women, people of color, homosexuals and trans individuals.”

- campusreform.org

The interesting thing about this is that there is nothing new about traditional families, women and men being upset when liberal groups want to change society from a more conservative notion to a more liberal one that acts as a trampoline to become "accepted" but then to go beyond that and want to dismantle that conservative leaning society... a Trojan horse so-to-speak.

The article noted has nothing to do with Caucasian males... it does have something to do with all normal, natural, family loving males everywhere on Earth.

What this course aims to do is demonize Caucasian males as if they are unique in wanting to keep their traditional, natural families intact and functioning as opposed to breaking up, living an alternative sexual lifestyle, doing drugs, denying their religion, etc.

Men, not just Caucasian men, are doing what they are designed to do... protect home and homeland from divisiveness and that is exactly what globalists don't want. They don't want that type of DNA, that type of thinking, that male energy, that strength. Globalists want the male to be weakened. That is a fact. Beta males are more preferable than strong alpha males so the manufactured lies, the shots against males... the first attack is on Caucasian males and eventually the attacks will be on other males too because patriarchy is considered "bad".

All men... not just Caucasian men are fighting for their way of life:

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Mexican Citizens March Against Same-Sex Marriage

VIDEO: Black Americans Speak Out Against CA Sanctuary State

On Being A Man - What Happened To The Strong Man?
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