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Default VIDEO: Lady Stands Up To Drag Queen Story Hour

VIDEO: Lady Stands Up To Drag Queen Story Hour

Excerpt: The morning of the event, a MassResistance mother, Genevieve, along with another activist, Jesse, walked in with their cell phone cameras. Genevieve stood near the front and began videoing the “drag queens” as they made their presentation. The man stayed in the back to video their interactions with Genevieve.

Before long the bookstore owner and some other pro-LGBT activists confronted Genevieve and surrounded her, and the scene began to get chaotic. The owner told Genevieve to leave, but she refused. “You advertised this as a public event,” she said. “And I’m the public.”

Interesting video where a bookstore (Cellar Door bookstore) holds a public event for Drag Queen Story Hour. This is when transgender men/women come in dressed up in highly sexualized outfits and makeup and read alternative lifestyle books to children.

This is the indoctrination of children to accept the LGBTQ lifestyles as normal... and it isn't.

Apparently this is part of a conservative group that aims to confront these types of "progressive" groups: MassResistance.org
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