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Default Facebook & Instagram Ban Faith Goldy - Canadian Nationalist

Facebook & Instagram Ban Faith Goldy - Canadian Nationalist

Excerpt: Facebook has booted far-right political commentator Faith Goldy...

I don't know Faith Goldy but I can't help but wonder if this ban and the banning of other groups is a way to lump extremists and others who simply want to control borders better into one pile... guilt by association through the lens of liberal media outlets.

When the powerful media and social media platforms lump people together into one extremist pile... they are all seen as such and demonized.

This is like calling a person a rapist. That term sticks forever and can ruin a person's life... an innocent person.

I won't support racists from any color but I will support a sovereign nation and its people to keep their country safe from illegal aliens who sneak in and sap the system dry.

I support sovereign nations; such as South Africa. If South Africans decide they want to be all black... they can. It's South Africa. I will not condone the killing of white farmers or the taking of their property... that should allowed to be sold to black South Africans.

I won't support a white only America. I will support an America that is many races but there must be border controls to keep America and Americans of many colors safe from illegal aliens sneaking in by the millions.

So is Faith Goldy just another victim by the powerful social media giants who don't like her message? These billionaire "progressives" and their companies, where they act like keyboard warriors, suspending, banning and censoring conservative viewpoints and ideas is simply a sign that the intelligence of the left is weak because they must resort to censorship.

Don't trust the media or social media. All of these big money groups are simply arms of the globalists who are trying so hard to destroy sovereign nations everywhere.

Most likely, Faith Goldy is another victim of wanting to preserve her nation - Canada.
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