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Default IBM Becoming A Big Fish In All Things Crypto/Blockchain Technology

World’s Second-Largest Grocer Joins IBM Food Trust Blockchain

Excerpt: Announced Thursday, Albertsons will begin with a pilot involving suppliers of romaine lettuce...

Albertsons’ addition brings the total number of brands involved in Food Trust to over 80.

...the ability to rapidly pinpoint a dodgy batch of produce and surgically remove those tainted goods from circulation so that retailers don’t have to empty their shelves of every item in the affected category, be that lettuce, spinach, beef, etc.

As early as 2016, IBM and Walmart began testing blockchain to reduce the time to track goods.

Walmart last year issued a mandate to all its suppliers of leafy greens stating that they had to get on to the blockchain by a deadline of the end of September 2019.

IBM also has been working on the global cash transfer side with World Wire

Excerpt: Introducing IBM Blockchain World Wire, the new financial rail that simultaneously clears and settles cross-border payments in near real-time.

Fact: IBM has 97% of the world's banks as clients and 90% of global credit card transactions are processed on IBM mainframes.

IBM has created Stellar to run and administrate Lumens, a cryptocurrency to aid as a bridge in cross border transfers/transactions, etc. for extremely low fees. Much lower than and faster than the traditional banking system of today.

Stellar's Live Ledger 24/7

IBM is clearly and quietly setting itself up as a major player in both the tracking side of industries as well as the financial side of things too.

The concerning thing about all this is that major companies; such as Walmart can mandate that smaller companies use the technology or their products won't be allowed on Walmart's shelves.

Tracking food like lettuce tainted with E. Coli is good because it will be much easier to pinpoint where the tainted lettuce is as opposed to the stores throwing all lettuce away.

Still, as with sovereign nations who have been forced to offer or exclude products due to a massive international corporation strong-arming them to do as the corporation wants... that occurs and then how sovereign is that nation when manipulated or threatened in some fashion?

Also remember that globalists want to centralize all life and resources into a global system. Imagine a supply chain that morphs from a company like Amazon and this blockchain tracking technology is used to track all products instantaneously. That is extremely efficient but so is having robots and AI take the place of humans in the workplace. Does that mean we want that?
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