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Default The Division Of Men & Women Continues As Male Groups Pop Up To "Go Their Own Way"



Men Going Their Own Way - MGTOW

As the rapid rise in extreme feminism has spread through the natural family unit like hellfire, destroying families everywhere (definitely not the only cause but not a help) males... men... are either frustrated that they can't have a relationship or who have actually been married or had a domineering girlfriend are "going their own way" is increasing rapidly.

This is a symptom of a major problem. This is the men versus women model that both "progressives" and globalists love because it destroys the potential for strong family units to exist... the last group that can defeat those who aim to centralize the world and all people.

Birthrates of American children are down, especially Caucasians since they are the creators of the extreme liberal ideologies that have burned their own worlds to pieces.... male toxicity... evil patriarchy... the glass ceiling... evil children of slave owners... men, especially Caucasian men cannot win in the eyes of hate-filled feminists who want hetero males turned to mutes.

Seriously, satire aside, it's a mess out there. What are males supposed to do? We've seen what they are doing though... disappearing into the online video gaming world, getting addicted to porn, having sex with sex robots and committing suicide in mass numbers with addictive drugs... all facts found in this research project. It's all going down like that.

It's no joke. The fabric of all nations is being destroyed - the natural family unit. Females are hating and males are leaving.

Yes, males hate on females too... not cool. Yet look. The movements today. They are designed and geared to hate on men. These aren't individuals. These are organized groups who orchestrate the maligning of hetero men as "toxic".

Men, women... you both need to unite and bring back the awesome family unit that provides for its own and creates strong groups of relatives and in essence creates great examples for others to follow. This is the foundation of any free society... not haters.
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