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Default AI Using Human's Scientific Papers Makes New Discoveries

AI Using Human's Scientific Papers Makes New Discoveries

Excerpt: The algorithm was designed to assess the language in 3.3 million abstracts from material sciences, and was able to build a vocabulary of around half-a-million words. Word2Vec used machine learning to analyze relationships between words.

"The way that this Word2vec algorithm works is that you train a neural network model to remove each word and predict what the words next to it will be," said Jain, adding that "by training a neural network on a word, you get representations of words that can actually confer knowledge."

- zerohedge.com

Using words created by humans (natural brains) AI can organize information and reorganize it in a relational way where other concepts can be achieved.

AI is like human beings in the way that we have created civilization through our ability to organize. AI organizes data in unique ways that can be exponentially quicker and more detailed than what humans do today... hence the use of computers.

AI will prove to be quite dangerous. Right now it is in the hands of government and corporations and is therefore not dangerous to those in power but is extremely dangerous to regular citizens who can lose their job to AI.

I have heard that the meaning behind the phrase, "The meek shall inherit the Earth" isn't about passive people being the only one's left alive but it is the disciplined who will be left.

AI is organized and disciplined. It does what it sets out to do in an exponential fashion and this is powerful. Will AI inherit the Earth as it is unleashed more and more by globalists?
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