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Default France: "Black Vests" Demand Housing And Citizenship!

France: "Black Vests" Demand Housing And Citizenship!

Excerpt: The Black Vests demanded "papers and housing for everyone" in a statement, which describes their organization as "the undocumented, the voiceless and the faceless of the French Republic."

...the group occupied a terminal at Charles De Gaulle airport to protest "Air France's collaboration" in the deportation of illegal immigrants, per France24.

- zerohedge.com

When will the demands stop? Until all illegal aliens have everything hard working citizens have? What's the point of being a citizen if illegals are given everything? Why work hard to keep a nation strong if the "progressive" politicians insist on giving everything away?

There is no point. The only point is to weaken sovereign nations so that the idea of nationalism and tribe is dead. The binding ties between a culture means nothing to globalists who use illegal aliens as foot-soldiers to spread guilt across the world.
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