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Default VIDEO: Ex-Drag Queen/Trans Tells How Life Was Dark As Trans

VIDEO: Ex-Drag Queen/Trans Tells How Life Was Dark As Trans

Excerpt: I was a homosexual, transsexual, drag queen and prostitute for 20 years. I used to go and perform in drag shows with the same people [that are in these libraries]. I used to perform in every drag venue in Dallas. I used to host my own drag shows.

I was molested and raped as a kid … The majority of transsexuals, Drag Queens, and homosexuals that I know and have encountered, have been either sexually abused, molested, or they have been neglected emotionally by their father – or what have you … This is their main root cause, and this is what leads someone to lead a life of homosexuality.

- massresistance.org

With the destruction of churches from inside and out, immorality spewed from Hollywood and corporations, corruption from politicians, and the takeover of the internet by porn 24/7... no wonder more children are being molested and the LGBTQ movement is growing as well as being taught in school.

The destruction of man and woman as the natural family unit is unfolding and this social contagion is spreading across the globe.

Just look at high school sports---> VIDEO: Female High School Sports Being Washed Away By Trans Athletes
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