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Exclamation Big Time Anchor Exposes ABC For Stopping Epstein Story 3 Years Ago!

Big Time Anchor Exposes ABC For Stopping Epstein Story 3 Years Ago!

Excerpt: Amy Robach, ‘Good Morning America’ Co-Host and Breaking News Anchor at ABC, explains how a witness came forward years ago with information pertaining to Epstein, but Disney-owned ABC News refused to air the material for years. Robach vents her anger in a “hot mic” moment with an off-camera producer, explaining that ABC quashed the story in it’s early stages.

Robach goes on to express she believes that Epstein was killed in prison saying, “So do I think he was killed? 100% Yes, I do…He made his whole living blackmailing people… Yup, there were a lot of men in those planes. A lot of men who visited that Island, a lot of powerful men who came into that apartment.”

- projectveritas.com

You may be wondering what this has to do with the overall theme of globalization?

First - ABC knew the depravity of Epstein and that international news and television company shut the story down.

Second - Many powerful people (men and women) knew what Epstein was doing to young girls and did nothing.

Third - It's companies like ABC and those many powerful people; such as the Clintons that run America. These are the twisted businesses and people that run the most powerful nation on the planet and they are protecting international pedophiles. Just look at the state of the nation with these psychopaths in charge.

That has a lot to do with globalization because all of this ties together under one point - the point of power over others.

Top Forensics Doctor Claims Epstein Strangled - Murdered

Excerpt: While there’s not enough information to be conclusive yet, the three fractures were “rare,” said Baden, who's probed cases involving O.J. Simpson, President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, record producer Phil Spector, New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez and many others.

“I’ve not seen in 50 years where that occurred in a suicidal hanging case,” the 85-year-old medical legend told Fox News.

- foxnews.com

More Evidence Proving Epstein Murdered


- Dr. Baden shared never-before-seen photos of Epstein's eyeballs and the burst capillaries in his eye sockets
- He said they are consistent with manual strangulation and not hanging
- He also says the bottom of Epstein's legs should have gone purple or maroon if he'd been hanging from his bedpost but they were pale
- Dr. Baden also says the 'noose' Epstein used is inconsistent with his neck injuries

- dailymail.co.uk

Just more proof that there's a coverup by very powerful, global players.
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