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Default Male Sex Robots On The Rise As An Option To Not Love Real Men

Male Sex Robots On The Rise As An Option To Not Love Real Men

Excerpt: Business owners at sexdolls.com told Daily Star Online that realistic male sex dolls have surged in popularity.

Women, gay men and couples have been snapping up the life-like toys in a bid to satisfy their fantasies.

The surge in production of kinky male dolls could impact relationships.
In the future, those who are tired of dating, or who have unfulfilling love lives, may swerve traditional romance in favour of realistic sex toys.

- dailystar.co.uk

First of all, romance is not having sex with a sex doll. A major part of romance is the human connection and the wooing of another in order to connect on a deeper level.

There is no connection to a sex doll. The difference between a sex doll and a wall with a hole in it is what types of molecules/atoms make it up. Neither have a soul or a conscience... let alone love or romance.

This is a dead end, unfulfilled road that if becomes popular will damage human relationships.
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