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Exclamation Cash-Strapped Mom & Pop Businesses Turning To GoFundMe For Help

Cash-Strapped Mom & Pop Businesses Turning To GoFundMe For Help

Excerpt: Loyal customers go beyond buying to help independent bookstores, restaurants.

- wsj.com

The economy is being squeezed and inflated at the same time. Prices for commodities (gas and oil) are going up turning into higher prices for delivery and the production of goods... and the cost trickles down to the small business who find it tough to make ends meet because they can't sell enough product or now the product is too expensive to acquire in bulk while big corporate stores like Walmart can get cheaper deals on goods, offering cheaper deals to the consumer.

This isn't capitalism. This is the methodical drowning of the small business owner... the destruction of freedom and self-determination.

Want more proof---> Richest 1% of Americans Close to Surpassing Wealth of Middle Class

Excerpt: The top 1% of American households have enjoyed huge returns in the stock market in the past decade, to the point that they now control more than half of the equity in U.S. public and private companies, according to data from the Federal Reserve. Those fat portfolios have America’s elite gobbling up an ever-bigger piece of the pie.

- bloomberg.com

Economic coercion is violence in slow motion. The hoarding of economic tools, businesses and supply chains is globalization at its finest.
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