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Default President Trump First To Use Patriot Act To Detain Man For Life - Who's Next?

President Trump First To Use Patriot Act To Detain Man For Life - Who's Next?

Excerpt: Department of Homeland Security invoked, for the first time in U.S. government history, section 412 of the PATRIOT Act.

Section 412 gives the government broad powers to detain non-citizens on American soil whom it can’t deport but deems, on “reasonable grounds,” to be engaged in “activity that endangers the national security of the United States.” It makes that determination for a six-month period that it can renew without limit. To little fanfare, the former acting secretary of Homeland Security, Kevin McAleenan, informed Hassoun on Aug. 9 that “you will therefore remain in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) pending your removal from the United States or reconsideration of this decision.”

- thedailybeast.com

I think you know by now that the point of this site isn't to share some news, ideas, philosophy or predictions. The main point of this site is to create "big picture" thinking so that we can see or foretell what's on the horizon for humanity when it comes to globalization and extremists.

Detaining a man for life... even after he served his sentence? The Patriot Act is designed to go after foreign born terrorists. And what if the definition of terrorism is defined in a more narrow way; such as people will be defined as terrorists (foreign born or citizens) who write up non-conforming ideas; such as stating that local politicians and globalists aren't working in the people's best interests to maintain liberty and freedom and they must be stopped?

Could I or people like me be detained forever?

Absolutely. So instead of taking the article at face-value and wondering to yourself if you support the act of lifelong detainment or not... you should be wondering how this power can be abused and turned against you and your unlimited mind because someday it will be.
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