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Exclamation EU Aims To Force All EU Nations To Take In Illegal Aliens

EU Aims To Force All EU Nations To Take In Illegal Aliens

Excerpt: German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has unveiled a new plan to reform the European asylum system. A draft of the proposal leaked to the media shows that all member states of the European Union would be required to take in illegal migrants.

Countries in Central and Eastern Europe are opposed to mandatory relocations on the basis that decisions about the granting of residence permits should be kept at the national level. They have noted that by unilaterally imposing migrant quotas on EU member states, unelected bureaucrats in Brussels are seeking to force the democratically elected leaders of Europe to submit to their diktat.

- gatestoneinstitute.org

This is at the root of globalization... the core of its desire to control all people at all levels so that the national and local level will not have a say in how people will preserve their nations, heritage, culture, homeland, religion, etc..

The EU is one of the prongs, just as China and the US are to press it's power upon others who aren't as strong in numbers. These powerful nations, like the EU are fronts for a global system that aims to centralize all decision making processes where the global bureaucrats could care less about local people.

Excerpt Responses:

"We fundamentally reject illegal migration. We also reject allowing smuggling gangs to decide who will live in Europe." — Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš.

"The V4's [Visegrád group: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia] position is clear. We are not willing to admit any illegal migrants into central Europe. The success and security of central Europe is thanks to our pursuit of a firm anti-migration policy, and this will endure.... Hungarians insist on our right to decide whom to allow into our country and with whom we wish to live." — Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó.
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