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Default Medical Societies & "Progressive" Allies Provide Cover For Trans Agenda

Medical Societies & "Progressive" Allies Provide Cover For Trans Agenda

Excerpt: Just as the abortion industry used Obamacare and medical societies such as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to spread a narrative that abortion is “health care,” the transgender industry has similarly sought to protect its highly lucrative business of puberty-blocking drugs, cross-sex hormones, and body-mutilating surgery for children and adolescents.

...mental health practitioners who have condemned AAP for its cave to the groups seeking to convince more parents and children the transgender lifestyle is normal.

- breitbart.com

Just as there is a cover being made for trans ideology, so is there cover being made for globalization. These types of activities are designed to destroy people as opposed to building them up in natural and original cultural context.

Anti-heterosexuality... anti-religion... anti-capitalism (in any form)... anti-nationalism... anti-border... these arenas and many others within the "progressive" scope of attack are what made free nations everywhere strong. Now look at what is happening. The watering down and the redefining of all that is natural or that is good for independence and family life.

It's not just the medical field or those who have a say as to represent the entire medical field (whether the main body/membership of the medical field agrees or not) but it is also those who live in a sexually perverted bubble... Hollywood that is a huge ally of the LGBTQ activists. With the appearance of medicine and media promoting this... it is a tough battle to get the word out for natural relationships.

Remember---> Study Shows Media Influence On Suicide Contagion - Now Assess Trans Social Contagion

This---> Brad Pitt, Chris Evans Bash "Straight Pride" Parade
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