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Exclamation California's "Woke Legislation" Where Students Cannot Be Suspended For Acting Up

California's "Woke Legislation" Where Students Cannot Be Suspended For Acting Up

Excerpt: As if California public schools weren't already woefully behind national education standards, despite the state pouring $90 billion into the system this year alone, schools will now be forced to keep kids on campus no matter their level of constant defiance and disruption to the educational process of others.

Under the law, SB 419, the only exception for which a student could still be suspended suspended will be for bringing a weapon or illegal drugs to school.

- zerohedge.com

Apparently this was passed because more black students are suspended than any other race within the California school system.

So it's based on race. This new affirmative action plan to coddle kids who are disruptive just because they are black is racist in itself. What about the education of all the other kids including black kids who want to learn and grow like most do without being disrupted?

This is the lack of thought by "progressives". Everything is based on skin color and gender now and there is so much more than skin color or whether one has a penis or a vagina... yet that is how the left thinks in order to dumb everyone down... skin and sex organs.
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