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Default Leftist Journalist Knew Mashing Muslims/Christians Together In EU Would Fail

Leftist Journalist Knew Mashing Muslims/Christians Together In EU Would Fail

Excerpt: Aftonbladet’s Lena Mellin now acknowledges that Sweden’s attempt to integrate huge numbers of migrants from Africa and the Middle East has failed.

“All parties, with the possible exception of the Left Party and the Sweden Democrats [SD], who hardly affected the reality on this point, should be ashamed,” writes 64-year-old Mellin.

Numerous people pointed out the hypocrisy of Mellin admitting she knew integration was failing yet still refusing to abandon her support for mass immigration.

“Incredible! Lena Mellin, of all journalists one of the foremost advocates for mass immigration and multiculturalism, one of the worst SD-haters, claims that ‘one has known for years’ that it would go to hell,” tweeted Ted Ekeroth.

- summit.news

There in lies the problem. If one says to only allow in 100,000 people then they are labeled as a racist as opposed to being reasonable. Instead, the leftists resort to extremism and even when knowing that their calls for unlimited people to cross the borders to live in the EU is to be dooming the locals they go for it anyways so they aren't labeled as a racist but then on a higher level this also fulfills the globalists goal to bankrupt the local economic system by overburdening it and to create strife and racial + religious division, violence and even war... the globalists, aided by the leftists, get extreme chaos to bring in a new order.

These moves by the politicians are no accident or failed experiment. This is all planned for failure by those in the know. It's the low end leftists who aren't in the know... who think it will be a nice utopia... who are the foolish foot-soldiers (social justice warriors) who have no brains or sympathy for the reasonable conservatives. Hence by default the leftists are extremists.
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