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Exclamation Globalization Through Terror & Intimidation - Trump Threatens Cultural Sites In Iran

Globalization Through Terror & Intimidation - Trump Threatens Cultural Sites In Iran

Excerpt: ...and that the threat to attack 52 cultural sites in Iran is to justify their terrorist attacks.

- globalsecurity.org

You know by now that this site is not aimed at supporting extremists... extremists as Muslims, "progressives", Democrats or Republicans... none of them or others. The site aims to get at the truth and the tactics of globalists from all points.

Trump recently had an Iranian General assassinated. He was probably a bad guy as in had many of his own people tortured but now Trump is threatening to hammer many of Iran's cultural sites with destruction.

The destruction of cultural sites is how armies destroy a people, their past, their history, their heritage and it is an ugly thing to threaten.

Globalists aim to destroy the uniqueness and independence of all cultures in order to make all people have no backdrop to fall upon as what is theirs originally, what is their nationalism, race, heritage, past beliefs and practices.

This threat by Trump throws him into the globalist arena even though he claims to be a supporter of America as a nation. Remember... America is occupying the Middle East just as other nations are. We are both the visitors in some regards and invaders in other regards. This is the paradox and the confusion that globalization brings with it.

Link to NY Times article about cultural sites and antiquities
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