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Exclamation Global Survey Says Capitalism Doing More Harm Than Good

Global Survey Says Capitalism Doing More Harm Than Good

Excerpt: The poll contacted over 34,000 people in 28 countries, from Western liberal democracies like the United States and France to those based on a different model such as China and Russia, with 56% agreeing that “capitalism as it exists today does more harm than good in the world”.

Of possible interest to corporate leaders gathering in Davos this week was the finding that trust in business outweighed that in governments and that 92% of employees said CEOs should speak out on the social and ethical issues of the day.

“Business has leapt into the void left by populist and partisan government,” said Edelman CEO Richard Edelman. “It can no longer be business as usual, with an exclusive focus on shareholder returns.”

- reuters.com

In order to take over the world with a one world system several things have to happen.

1.) Place a monetary system in all represented nations; local currency, banks, federal reserve structure, stock/option/bond markets, etc.

2.) Near monopolize news sources, social media, movie-making, music, publishing houses, etc.

3.) Keep a group of people down, making them dependent upon the government for handouts and infuse those people with bitterness towards those who have been successful.

4.) Businesses that abuse capitalism and become huge, swallowing up smaller competition (mom-and-pop businesses) abuse the capitalism to the point of creating a handful of companies that own all of the supply chain for all the markets that exist.

5.) Powerful groups create and fund dissent as well as revolutions in order to destroy capitalism to create a system that promises to provide the necessities for all people, everywhere... excluding those who actually run the system as no rules apply to them... them... those who abused capitalism in the first place in order to get to this point now.

Can you follow the trend? Those five points are simplistic but you get the idea. This is no accident. It's scripted over generations. And the end game is that capitalism, the freest system on the planet won't be around so that anyone can rise up with new ideas. Instead there will be a global monarchy in place to run people towards a state of dependence and ignorance of deep knowledge.
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