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Default Left Wing Fanatics Attack Joe Rogan For Supporting Bernie Sanders For Prez

Left Wing Fanatics Attack Joe Rogan For Supporting Bernie Sanders For Prez

Excerpt: Joe Rogan is being smeared by leftists as a right-wing white nationalist transphobe after Bernie Sanders accepted the podcast host’s endorsement.

- zerohedge.com

I've listened to several of Rogan's podcasts and have also enjoyed his sports commentating for the UFC and some of his other work as well.

I find him to be a very open, well-read and a well-spoken man. An intelligent person who looks at issues from all angles.

I may not agree with him on everything but he's not what these leftist extremists are claiming him to be.

Talk about attacking anything that moves. These leftists and "progressives" are insane. Truly ill. And not because they have an opinion that I don't agree with but because they aren't well-read or well-spoken. The footage of them... their arguments... their emotion over logic... their silence and refusal to debate at many opportunities to do so... they are a breed of victimization that aims to censor the world from itself. Globalist foot-soldiers who aim to be important yet at the same time aim to wipe importance away.

"Progressives" are the neo-Khmer Rouge.
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