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Default Fashion Designer Aims To De-Gender Beauty

Fashion Designer Aims To De-Gender Beauty

Excerpt: In his remarks, Alok Vaid-Menon, who is a man, described as an artist and designer but who is also a homosexual activist, called out the fashion industry’s “regressive” gender stereotypes and said designers should “de-gender” beauty.

“Gender neutrality is not the death of fashion — it is the renaissance of fashion...

- breitbart.com

I think we all know that there are masculine themes and feminine themes in life and there are the terms handsome and beautiful. We know that men are physically strong as nature deems it and women are physically beautiful and softer as nature also deems.

Now there is this call to muddle all beauty together in the form of clothing. To create a less diverse and a less creative form of clothing that will ultimately be a boring unisex style.

You see, these types of personalities, the allies of the LGBTQ movements and those who call for socialism and communism are the least creative people around because what they want is sameness. They claim they want diversity but their diversity is the mashing of everything together to get one thing... not many diverse things or people.

This is the big lie the "progressives" and all their allies don't tell you because it is a secret or they are just too blind to see it.

Can you see the big picture? It must be clear by now.
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