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Default 11 YO Boy Assaulted By Group Of Muslim Kids Over Belief In Jesus Christ

11 YO Boy Assaulted By Group Of Muslim Kids Over Belief In Jesus Christ

Excerpt: The child was playing football in a Malmö park Monday afternoon when an unknown number of boys approached him and asked if his cross "was due to his religion.”

After confirming it was, the gang asked if he “ate pig.”

The child was then knocked over and punched by the group who proceeded to call him a “pig bastard.”

- infowars.com

In Europe the attacks on the locals are by the extremists in the Muslim population base. In Europe, like America groups from the southern continents and ancestry aim to break down the Caucasian populace.

These attacks and the murders of this group has increased greatly. The strife has increased so much that Europe has no-go zones where police and firefighters are attacked if they come to help.

A world within a world will not be unified in any way and that's the goal just as it is the goal of ANTIFA and BLM to wreck America, not unite it in friendship.

Coming from a perspective of seeing and experiencing western imperialism and colonization of many places... yet all nations have a history of war, violence and slavery on their own people and are guilty of this... yet the "progressives" and the globalists aim to only cast blame and light on the folly of Caucasians past actions. The modern, weakened Caucasians are the targets now.

Who is next? The Chinese for their continued spread across the world? And how far back do we point fingers? To the Native American Indians who warred with and tortured each other? Back to the Sumerians who warred with others as well? When does this all end?

This ugly cycle will be repeated again. Out of this chaos will be a global world of depressing control.
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