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Old August 9th, 2019, 08:44 AM
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Exclamation Leftists Going To The Dark Side?

If extreme leftists hate on Christianity, hate on capitalism and the freedoms it bestows upon people (when not being manipulated by government and corporations), hate on conservative values (anti-drug, anti-LGBTQ lifestyles, anti-illegal immigration) and hate on decent Americans who just want a sovereign nation of people from all cultures who aim to have a business and grow patriotic America... then these leftists must be in-line with replacing these foundations with "anything goes" - satanism, an economic system not based on money and trade but on dependency and being provided with only the basics for survival, liberal values that support no marriage and perverted sexual lifestyles, no borders and therefore no diversity as all cultures and tribes would be morphed into everyone looking alike and thinking alike, etc.

Have you seen the beliefs of some of these mass shooters? Mass shooters who are stuck in not only the insane extremism of leftists but of drugs and darkness.

Look at the Dayton shooter. He was a drug fueled leftist who sang about raping women and hailed the devil. Just read the article and look at the facts---> I am the servant of the serpent evil incarnate...

- dailymail.co.uk

Now remember, these extreme leftists are rotten but so are the people who attack people for the color of their skin which is not a valid reason to call those who are against ILLEGAL immigration (not skin color), Nazis.

The left is insane... from the Satan worshipers to those making claims that people who want to regulate immigration for a balance in resources are Nazis.

You see, the leftists just want to get their way of destroying sovereign nations by any means necessary... no facts, all attacks in order to usher in their dream world of global equality aka a global empire that will manage all people everywhere. That is the insane left mentality... power and control by any means necessary and that is the power of the dark side. You do remember the dark side in Star Wars, right? The empire aimed to crush any resistance to its wants of control over all.

Now, not all leftists are satanists but they are operating from a place that damages sovereign nations. The Dayton shooter was simply an extreme version of these hating leftists that went deep to evil. Clearly there are different levels of insanity, crazy, "off" and just strange. And that is the side of the left... all of the above... the outliers who want to bring their "off" ways into the classroom and across the world... all other cultures, tribes and religions be damned cause the left knows better apparently.

Examples of the rise of the dark side:

Satanic Temple "Religion" Actually A Leftist Movement?

Sundance Film Festival Stands Up For Satanists

Satanic Monument For Veterans To Be Placed With City Approval

Elementary School To Allow Satanic Club In

The Enemy Of Christ - Satan Statue For Detroit
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