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Default Brooklyn School Allows Drag Queen Story Hour - "Drag Queen In Training" Stickers

Brooklyn School Allows Drag Queen Story Hour - "Drag Queen In Training" Stickers

Excerpt: A report on social media has indicated that a Brooklyn school was handing out “drag queen in training” stickers to four-year-old children following a showing of story hour.

The teacher made it clear that the drag queen would be there to talk to children about gender and sexuality, as apart of the child-targeting LGBT grooming operation.

“She will read to the students, all while teaching into ideas of inclusiveness, gender fluidity and gender roles, family structures, acceptance, empathy, and individuality,” the note read.

- bigleaguepolitics.com

Looking at the evidence, the news, the links... Drag Queen Story Hour is a way to corrupt normal children via the influence of mentally ill adults who believe they aren't their biological sex. Now these perverted people are allowed in the schools to read about the LGBTQ lifestyle and hand out stickers to children.

This is sick. See how the "progressives" have corrupted the education system by believing that all people everywhere should be given access to our children?

These "educators" have no backbone to stand up to depravity and instead join forces with them as allies to join the narrative that natural families with men and women are somehow the sick ones. This is the destruction of normal life, rules and values.

They are supposedly speaking on gender roles and family structures? What do these lonely, confused, anti-family people know about gender roles and family structures? They only know confusion and perversion and are so focused on their sexual parts that they know nothing of self-discipline, inner strength, biological knowledge or even of a higher power who creates life that must follow rules to maintain strength.

Once the rules are destroyed and anything goes... chaos... and chaos is what these people are made of.
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