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Exclamation School Removes 6th Grade Boy From Class For Calling A Boy, Boy

School Removes 6th Grade Boy From Class For Calling A Boy, Boy

Excerpt: The assistant principal, who is not named, called John into her office the next day and warned him “there might be consequences” because he called Boy A a boy and used male pronouns. She pulled him out of his physical education class that afternoon “in front of his friends” and apparently warned him again that he’ll be punished if he refuses to refer to Boy A as a girl.

According to Liberty Counsel, John learned “the other boys received in-school suspension” that day for their participation in the conversation, and out-of-school suspension the following day.

Should children be "disciplined" for stating scientific facts? Should children be mandated to cater to mental illness? Should children be allowed to transition to the opposite sex?

The PC police in schools have gotten out of hand as our kids are being programmed to believe something that isn't true. Something that is damaging to the individual and society as a whole.

This can't be compared to the belief in Santa Claus as this is real life. Santa Claus is a fairy tale designed to bring a story with presents to celebrate a holiday while defying scientific facts in the case of trans ideology is the programming of people to believe something that isn't true that deals in biology, science and the formation of natural family units.
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