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Default VIDEO: Straight Pride Event Protested By LGBTQ + Allies

VIDEO: Straight Pride Event Protested By LGBTQ + Allies

Excerpt: “This is an example of free speech in our country. It’s a one-way street. They want free speech but they don’t want to give us free speech,” Grundmann said.

When Grundmann showed up Saturday afternoon, people against his message said they wanted to outnumber him and surrounded his sign promoting the straight pride coalition.

- sacramento.cbslocal.com

This is the ramping up of attacks on the natural family unit and male + female relationships as was intended by nature and biology... and by God in all religions too.

The LGBTQ groups wanted to be accepted decades ago and now they have reached into our children's schools to teach them about being gay or trans. They have created groups of trans to influence children in public libraries. They have grown so bold to protest Straight Pride.

If America is to be free and have free speech then straight people, people of nature must be allowed to be represented boldly, not slammed.

If the powers-that-be were able to destroy the natural family unit this would spell death to a free humanity, an organized humanity based upon natural principles allowing the synthetic narrative and rule of globalists to come to fruition across the world.

What would we be without mom and dad? What would we be without family?

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