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Default British Employees Sabotaging Robots To Save Human Jobs!

British Employees Sabotaging Robots To Save Human Jobs!

Excerpt: UK workers are sabotaging and assaulting workplace robots in an attempt to stop them taking their jobs, finds study.

...a patrolling security robot was found drowned in a Washington D.C. office block fountain under mysterious circumstances.

Starship Technologies, a San Francisco company who launched delivery robots in the UK, have faced attempted thefts from the robots as they go about their duty.

World wide 1.7 million manufacturing jobs have been lost to robots who can do the same job quicker or for more cost effectively, around 400,000 of those in Europe, a report by Oxford Economics states.

The report also predicted 20 million people will have been replaced by the machines in the work place by 2030.

- dailymail.co.uk

Can't blame any human for sabotaging a robot or AI. Humans need work. They need employment. They don't need their purpose to be taken from them by companies and complicit government policy for the sake of not just profit but also the consolidation of the global supply chain.

This is one of the biggest battles to face humanity (natural brains versus artificial brains).

Remember---> VIDEO: Who Were The Luddites & Why We Need Them Today

Union Reps---> Unions Trying To Negotiate Contracts To Limit AI/Robotic Takeover In Hospitality
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