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Default What's The Point Of Being A Citizen If All The Benefits Are Given To Anyone?

What's The Point Of Being A Citizen If All The Benefits Are Given To Anyone?

Excerpt: When most people think of citizenship, they think of their nation’s constitution or the rights guaranteed to them in the law. They will think of their obligations to their country, like paying taxes, obeying the law and defending the nation. In the West, a citizen is pretty much as the dictionary defines it, “a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it.” It is a reciprocal set of obligations in the law, animated by a sense of duty by both the rulers and the ruled.

- thezman.com

American government is welcoming illegal aliens in by the busloads. These illegals are getting driver's licenses, bank accounts, mortgages and even becoming local government figures... and many democrats are fighting for this.

So what's the point of being a citizen, bound by the tax code if all of the citizens hard work through generations is being given away to people who haven't worked for those same benefits? Heck they haven't even tried to become a citizen and pledge allegiance to the host nation and its people.

Do you see the foolishness here. The globalists and the "progressives" in government (those wanting borders taken down and ICE agents exposed for doing their job) continue to demand that citizens follow the laws of the land, pay taxes, pay fines, and pay for illegals while those same services dwindle for the citizenry themselves.

The anti-Americans don't think that we see it. We do see it. We just don't do anything about it but cower for our paycheck... fear of becoming homeless.

When a system has you so wrapped up within itself like you are the Borg form Star Trek... totally assimilated... where is your freedom?

Side-note: The link for the original article above, the writer calls the Muslim congresswoman an "exotic weirdo". I don't agree. She may be patriotic and appreciate the offerings from the USA. There are issues with extreme Muslims wanting Sharia law which isn't compatible with democracy and the US Republic imo. We will see how she handles herself.
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