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Exclamation Trump & Wasserman Shultz Team Up To Take Maduro/Venzuela Down

Trump & Wasserman Shultz Team Up To Take Maduro/Venezuela Down

Excerpt: Regime change and foreign interventions are things that the two US ruling parties agree on regardless of how much they exchange blows at home. Venezuela is the latest place where Republicans and Democrats have found common ground.

Wasserman Schultz... had to resign as the Chair of the Democratic National Committee after leaked documents revealed how it was playing on the side of Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders in 2016.

Dr. Jill Stein tweeted: Incredible: a video about bringing democracy to Venezuela, starring the person who rigged the 2016 DNC primary & ripped off millions of American voters. Hey Debbie Wasserman Schultz, how about you fix elections in Broward County, Florida before trying to "help" other countries?

The Democrats are backing Trump on regime change in Venezuela, just like they backed disasters in Afghanistan, Iraq, Honduras, Libya, Syria, Ukraine & Yemen. When it comes to regime change, the two parties of War & Wall Street are still marching in lockstep.

Trump has made no secret that he wants Maduro out and most Venezuelans probably want him out too but I would say it's not up to America to be the world police force. Honestly, our government only cares about all the oil there. Notice how we police nations that have lots of oil or have something to do with energy?

The disgusting thing is that how these politicians embarrass themselves by acting like spoiled teenagers in front of American citizens yet unite when it comes to usurping other nations. These politicians are truly the rotten apples in America.

Remember these scandals all related to Schultz: Imran Awan Gets Special Plea Deal - Huge Loss For American Justice

Massive Spy Ring Operating At Highest Levels Of Congress Via DNC?

VIDEO: Corrupt Wasserman Schultz Threatens Capital Police Chief

Democratic National Committee Admits To Not Being Democratic At All

DNC Emails Show Rigged Election... Rigged Everything
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