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Default Pope Acknowledges The Continuing Sexual Abuse Of Nuns

Pope Acknowledges The Continuing Sexual Abuse Of Nuns

Excerpt: Pope Francis on Tuesday publicly acknowledged the scandal of priests and bishops sexually abusing nuns...

The magazine, “Women Church World,” noted that the scandal involves a corollary: nuns being forced to abort the priests’ children or bear children that the priests refuse to recognize.

- apnews.com

The whole culture of how priests are taught and then housed... it's backwards. Less isolation and priests must be allowed to marry a woman and have families.

Never understood how a mere man can understand the problems of life in its entirety without having raised a family himself. There are a few that may but normally... to be a fully developed human in some regards... raising a family is a huge stepping stone to enlightenment.

Natural families are key to life in every way... the ultimate team.
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