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Default Rep. Daniel Didech Wants Gun Buyers To Show Social Media Accounts Before Purchasing

Rep. Daniel Didech Wants Gun Buyers To Show Social Media Accounts Before Purchasing

Excerpt: ...Didech is proposing gun buyers reveal their public social media accounts to Illinois police before they’re approved for a firearm license.

...worries police scanning social media may show bias.

“A person’s political beliefs, a person’s religious beliefs, things that should not play a part in whether someone gets a FOID card,” Glenberg said.

- chicago.cbslocal.com

In Chicago, Illinois they have a huge problem, the largest in the nation of gangbangers shooting each other. These are criminals, not law abiding citizens who purchase legally.

The article mentions mass shooters who bought guns legally and that is the reason all law abiding people should have their social media accounts reviewed by the police before being allowed to buy a gun, right?

All this does is take away the privacy of all Americans in that area. Why is it that all Americans who obey the law are the ones punished for the crimes of others?

A free society doesn't punish its citizenry by making them expose their personal social media accounts to the police. That sounds like Nazi Germany or some hard-line, communist nation.

Another issue is that those who are afraid to show what is on their social media account can simply erase their postings.

Another question is how will the police know what social media accounts each gun buyer is a member of? Are we going to have a monitoring system put in place where we register with the government and then a social media site so that we can be monitored 24/7?

See how far this can go? We would be like China and their social credit system where citizens are rated on how patriotic they are or not and then given a score which can be a penalty if not patriotic enough. This is totalitarianism.
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