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Default Left Or Right - They Both Want Globalization

Left Or Right - They Both Want Globalization

Excerpt: As Schwab put it in 2017, “we need a new narrative for globalisation”. Two years ago, in the wake of Trump and Brexit, the mood at Davos was grim. The assumption was that the so-called populists wanted to burn the global architecture down. We can now see the dawning of another possibility—a future in which this cadre of right-wing leaders, who were until recently treated as renegades, become its new tenants.

- newstatesman.com

This research project doesn't discriminate, meaning putting right-wingers above the left or vice-versa. They both have gotten us here to this point now. It's not a one-sided game. It's a multilayered game that is being used to manipulate people from both sides of the aisle to go against one another which in turn weakens the nation and citizens faith in it.

The source is the problem. Those who fund revolutions to bring globalization in are the problem. And then there are the other problems... people, the mob, from one funded side of the revolution or the other - foot soldiers, activists, social justice warriors, neo-Nazis, etc.

You see, normal citizens just want their homeland back. This goes for all citizens of every nation but globalists won't allow that. Instead, economic crashes, fake news, racism, gender inequality and war is manufactured or enhanced by design and citizens are the victims... some going nuts or to extremes to support one manufactured cause or another.

Just read the links below. Odd? Citizens choose one side or another, creating division and then you get the Trump-Shultz duo trying to take Venezuela down. That is globalization. The powerful gain more power and The People lose their power.

Trump & Wasserman Shultz Team Up To Take Maduro/Venzuela Down

Trump Believes It's Ok That Khashogi Was Butchered Since Saudi Oil Is Cheap

Is Trump And The Media Colluding To Ruin America?
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