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Default ICE Arrests 200 Illegals In NC But Local Authorities Refuse To Cooperate

ICE Arrests 200 Illegals In NC But Local Authorities Refuse To Cooperate

Excerpt: From Monday through Thursday, ICE officers detained 200 individuals in North Carolina alone, not counting another 25 who were arrested in an unrelated raid on an arms manufacturing plant in Sanford.

Of the 200 individuals arrested this week, one-quarter have criminal convictions, one-fifth have pending cases and another quarter have evaded deportation orders.

McFadden and Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker each defended their decision to terminate the program...

- charlotteobserver.com

Sheriffs can do what they want. They aren't beholden to the federal authorities. That's one of the nice things about that position. But I don't think it's in the best interests for the locals to allow thousands of illegal aliens to bypass the border and do as they will in a nation of laws.

Of course those laws apply to the little people as opposed to the politicians but lets not get derailed. America is for legal immigrants and citizens... not anyone who wants to use the system for their personal benefit. This goes to schooling, ER, hospitalizations, natural resources, communities who refuse to learn English, etc.
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