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Exclamation DIGISEXUALS The New Norm That Will Destroy Human Relationships

DIGISEXUALS The New Norm That Will Destroy Human Relationships

Excerpt: A digisexual is someone who sees immersive technologies such as sex robots and virtual reality pornography as integral to their sexual experience, and who feels no need to search for physical intimacy with human partners.

The idea of digisexuality as an identity has already received strong negative reactions from many commentators in the media and online.

- fastcompany.com

It's bad enough that people get addicted to the internet and also to online porn. Now we will have people having sex with actual objects related to robotics and AI and the need for a human relationship, the challenges, the accomplishments, etc. will slowly fade out over time.

Notice how the newer generation of youth barely know how to socialize properly because they're always staring at a screen... hooked? It has gotten to a point... soon... where humans will bypass all the work of a human relationship and just go for the sex with a robot... like the kids of today who have a sense of self-entitlement for the "good life" cause their parents wouldn't want them to work too hard for it.

Sociology is a science. I would say that science would no doubt say this digisexual "revolution" will be a huge problem.

Another thing, it's taboo to identify women as a sexual being or based upon sex yet these LGBTQ folks and now digisexuals want to be identified exclusively by their sexual orientation and that is supposed to be ok.

Can Robots Not Only Supply Physical Sex But Also Emotional Connection?
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