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Default New Jersey, One Of Highest Taxed States Getting New Tax... On Rain?!

New Jersey, One Of Highest Taxed States Getting New Tax... On Rain?!

Excerpt: The infrastructure could cost billions, state authorities say. Under the law, the utilities can levy steep fees on properties with large parking lots, long driveways, or big buildings — which create the most runoff.

- nypost.com

Not only is this a tax on people because it's simply raining but it is also a form of economic coercion to change one's layout of personal property. If someone has an RV parked on their long driveway and the taxes become prohibitive... all taxes combined plus this new rain tax... then the same property owner may get rid of the RV and the long driveway or just pull up stakes and move away.

Very coercive tax. The government will justify anything to tax because they only know how to sponge off of hard-working people as opposed to creating businesses. Government grows, it doesn't recede.

Government can be good if small and nimble. Too bad it's huge, bloated and intimidating.
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