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Exclamation Humans To Be "Better", Brains Fused To Machines/Interact By 2029

Humans To Be "Better", Brains Fused To Machines/Interact By 2029

Technological singularity will turn us into super humans some time in the next 12 years, according to a Google expert.

This might sound like science fiction, but Google's Director of Engineering, Ray Kurzweil, has made 147 predictions since the 1990s and has a success rate of 86 per cent.

Kurzweil says when we live in a cybernetic society we will have computers in our brains and machines will be smarter than human beings.

He claims this is already happening with technology - especially with our addiction to our phones - and says the next step is to wire this technology into our brains.

This is called singularity - the pairing of humanity and machine. It's amazing we take all these medications to get better yet only half of them work on some people some of the time. Medicine is truly as dangerous as it can be beneficial. Now we are to trust that merging with machines/technology will make life "better"?

Let me ask you, with computers everywhere has life gotten less stressful? No. If anything it has become faster and we are simply the gerbil in the wheel going round and round trying to keep up. Some of it is our fault with our social media addictions.

They say that humanity will be "better" meaning that humanity isn't what it can be. It can be faster? Quicker with logging into sites? Who's benefiting who here? Are we actually at the whim of coming technology, making us "better" for the machine? And ultimately will we, humans, creatures of body, mind, and spirit become obsolete to the machines who will ultimately rule the global world through algorithms of supply and demand as well as security and surveillance?

In the old days when cities like San Francisco were being built up, the 1800's, the titans of the Industrial Revolution utilized ad campaigns to demean people who still made their own clothes or lived the farm life. The country folk who had skills were made to feel that those skills were backward and that civilized folk should shop at stores for their clothing and live in the city working a city job. This is the same type of rhetoric being applied to "fusing with machines" to become "better" humans.

The trends of the transsexuals/transgender foot-soldiers is one of dumping sexual identity. It is a type of preparation for becoming more machine-like. Promoting the homosexual lifestyle to everyone and in school to children is a way to offer an a;alternative to the traditional man and woman relationship where babies are had. It is the war on nature and tradition on one front while preparation for the unnatural "better" human is being pushed on another front through news releases like this and eventually ad campaigns to promote the "better" man... woman... machine-human-thing.

Interesting comment by a poster from the article cited:
Trans-humanism is really eugenics. Eugenics is misunderstood, it was never about "improving the race" as many claim, it was about creating a structured society in which people were bred for certain roles. The elite being perfect specimens who are "wild" (free), while the lower levels of society being progressively damaged in some way, weaker wills, weaker bodies, asexual, and grown in artificial wombs, etc. to make them permanently controllable by their inherent weaknesses and dependency upon their masters. The lower orders will be made up by the perfect citizens of the new order's hive society (think castrated-like male drones). Which is why transgenderism is being promoted at every opportunity by the elite and their media. For now it's all about "Transgender women", but in the future they'll be promoting "no genders" as the ideal "man". The elites "master race" needs subhuman slaves, and with trans-humanist tech, they'll be able to manufacture them.

A Newly Designed Baby, Licensed By The UK - Three Parent's DNA - See where all these "cool", "fashionable", "next-big-thing" and "better" trends are headed? It's all being spelled out quite easily if you simply take the time to read up on it.

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