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Default What Is The "Fourth Industrial Revolution"?

What Is The "Fourth Industrial Revolution"?

Excerpt: Working with the theme “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, the World Economic Forum this year will focus on how to fuse advancements in technology with our current physical, digital and biological worlds.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution refers to the ongoing transformation of our society and economy, driven by advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous vehicles, 3-D printing, nanotechnology and other areas of science.

- africannews.com

It's interesting to note that Africa claims it is now more competitive in the labor market compared to China and India. Clearly they will work for less and thereby offer cheaper products. Isn't this situation typically rife with human rights abuses; such as in China? Robots will soon displace these workers though.

But it's also interesting that I found out about this major revolution at the Africanews website. Clearly Africa is being targeted by the globalists. It's easy to bring big dreams of a blossoming global society to starving people who have been struggling for so long. And I wouldn't be surprised if these struggles were rooted by nefarious global groups... and now the local Africans are ripe for the taking by the very forces who kept them down.

This plan is played out in many ways across the globe... war, famine, oppression... whatever the stick, the globalists get their investments, profits, designs, and societies built just how they like it.
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