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Default These 2 Technologies Will Make People Want To Become Part Machine

I believe that there will be two main technologies that will make people want to become like machines or "enhanced" with tech:

1.) The microchip implanted under the skin that can be scanned to purchase goods, store medical records and other types of data. This will be promoted as simplistic and convenient. No more inconvenient wallets or having to find your debit card... it will all be right there, in you on a microchip.

2.) A microchip implanted in the brain that gives people photographic memories. The chip will store everything we see and can be recalled anytime or even downloaded onto devices. This will make people think that they are smarter because of the information that they can recall. It also gives authorities the ability to see what you see as in the cases of crime.

Once these two types of tech are offered to the general public in some fashion there will be a stampede for them as the media and propaganda machine tells everyone how backward they are if they don't "upgrade" themselves to the latest and greatest revolution in "living".

03/07/19 UPDATE: The microchip idea in the form of a smart chip is on its way now---> Smart Chip For The Brain Coming Soon
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