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Exclamation VIDEO: Who Were The Luddites & Why We Need Them Today

VIDEO: Who Were The Luddites & Why We Need Them Today

Today we know the term Luddites as something to call someone who is supposedly anti-technology.

But who were the Luddites really?

They were cloth workers, spinners, and folks who worked with looms. They made items out of wool and similar materials. They made good money and they were home-based. They would pass on their craft/trade onto their children for future generations.

They were pro-family and pro-self-employment by creating a quality product and selling it.

Once the Industrial Revolution came around the elites found that machines could produce more wool based products quicker even though the quality was weaker than hand-made items.

The elites began to set up factories and out produced the local tradesmen; in essence putting the locals out of business.

The local communities of independent, family loving workers fell apart so they decided to organize and revolt against the elites, the filthy factories, and the machines.

They met in secret and called themselves Luddites, after Ned Ludd, an apprentice weaver, who some years earlier smashed a loom in a rage at his master who had beaten him.

They began to threaten the elite factory owners and then attacked the machines, destroying some of them.

The Luddites wanted a percentage of their jobs protected. They wanted to bargain a better deal and to keep their humanity intact but the elites would have nothing to do with it. The elites saw the Luddites as a block to "progress" and of course riches for their pocketbooks.

Although there were already many laws on the statute books making the Luddites’ activities capital crimes, in February 1812 the Government passed the Frame Breaking Act, which specifically introduced the death penalty for frame breaking (destroying the machines).

The Luddites were eventually broken up and 14 of their men were hanged.

The destruction of the Luddites by the State established the principle that industrialists have the right to continually impose new technology, without any process of negotiation, either with the people who have to operate it or with society at large.

After reading this think about what is happening today; the displacement of people and their jobs by robots, AI, and algorithms. Products owned by the elites. And the workers have no say, no vote, and no debate to stop it.

History does repeat itself. But this time the outcome will be far worse for those who are permanently made homeless.
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