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Exclamation The Race To Create A VR World - The Matrix, The OASIS

The Race To Create A VR World - The Matrix, The OASIS

Virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive reality, mixed reality and finally merged reality… Welcome to the world of digital layering, awash with cutting-edge technologies that are mostly powered by rather dorky and clunky hardware, but fascinating nonetheless.

The digital reality industry is exploding, and tech titans are in an arms race to cut themselves a niche in the sector, earn bragging rights for the snazziest devices that will drive future billion-dollar valuations.

I could write for days on this.

We've seen the movies; The Matrix, Ready Player One, etc.

One of my huge concerns about an alternative world, online, besides the obvious of forgetting reality and the work we need to do to stay free but imagine if one was trapped in this world? Worse, imagine if one was tortured in this world by being placed in places of their own worst fears?

Imagine if you will an online prison where one isn't simply housed but punished by being stuck in a realm of their worst fears. This would be an online VR Hell created by those who aim to stay in power at any cost by creating a threat so terrifying you would do anything to not be sent there.

Think it's impossible? Look at this website as a whole and see what has already been accomplished by those who rule and see the suffering of those who are seen as nobodies.

Beyond money this is for power over your unlimited mind and your very soul.

I know... it's all fun and games now. But it will be used and abused.

Remember this---> What Is The "Fourth Industrial Revolution"?
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