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Exclamation China's Social Credit System A Success! Hammers 11 Million People!

China's Social Credit System A Success! Hammers 11 Million People!

The Global Times proclaims the millions of cases of government officials using the “social credit system” to ground travelers a success of the system, which closely monitors the behavior of all individuals, assigning a numerical value to how beneficial to the Chinese communist state each person is. People considered loyal, law-abiding members of the Communist Party are assigned high social credit scores, while those who violate the law, behave in irritating ways in public, or are suspected of engaging in dissident activity are assigned lower scores.

Hou insisted that it was necessary for social harmony that “discredited people become bankrupt.”

So someone who has been caught jaywalking or returning a library book late needs to be made of an example of? This is fascist.

The idea that people who commit small infractions or simple mistakes should be made "bankrupt" is way too much power to be placed in the hands of the state.

China has since expanded this project to the real world, where “crimes” like jaywalking, returning library books late, possessing frowned-upon religious or political materials, or insufficient “patriotism” could result in a low score.

Someone who doesn't tow the party line of communists, communists desiring to make its own citizens bankrupt for minor infractions, will be given a low score and potentially not allowed to travel. This is intimidation at its finest.

...the article claims, ultimately concluding that putting this power in the hands of the Communist Party is preferable to private corporations like Facebook having such control.

Wrong. For how much I can't stand companies like FB and Twitter for censoring conservative viewpoints at least they can't punish their users by not allowing them to travel or force them into bankruptcy.

See how this power has gone to the heads of the communists? When a government has this type of power the people have few options besides to fight fascism. The state is much more powerful than a corporation and therefore much more dangerous and that's the funny thing about government - citizens are constantly lead to believe that the government is there for them when in fact government is there for themselves.

This month, the Global Times published a piece arguing that the system is necessary because the nature of the Chinese people is untrustworthy, and they must be disciplined into proper behavior.

Fascists make blanket statements about an entire race of people; such as calling them "untrustworthy".

The Chinese are behaving like prison guards and the citizens are the prisoners. There will be a powerful backlash because people can only take so much abuse and manipulation.
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