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Exclamation VIDEO: Worldwide Protests Against Jailing Of Tommy Robinson

VIDEO: Worldwide Protests Against Jailing Of Tommy Robinson

Free speech advocates and supporters of Robinson's movement from Melbourne to Berlin came out by the thousands to protest the Friday arrest outside of Leeds Crown Court while Robinson was reporting on a pedophile grooming trial via Facebook livestream. Within six hours of his detention, Robinson was slapped with a 13 month prison term for violating a prior suspended sentence for a similar offense.

Equally as disturbing are the implications of a court-ordered media ban, making it a criminal offense for news outlets operating in the UK to cover Robinson's arrest and incarceration. In a page straight out of George Orwell's 1984, several news outlets were forced to pull articles which were published before the ban.

Can you believe this? Tommy Robinson has been exposing the "progressive" politicians of the UK and the EU for allowing the invasion of the homeland by millions of Muslims who have made the crime rates skyrocket there.

The judge and his masters should be punished for this tyrannical, runaway government who has literally placed the UK on the brink of destruction.

Isn't it ironic that the 39 Muslim men who are being accused of the rape of native UK girls are getting a trial yet Tommy Robinson, the exposer of problems is tossed in jail for 13 months right away.

This is what we all have to look forward to if we blindly accept the coming global government. We won't have any rights but to the housing, clothes and food they give us.

SIDE-NOTE: I'm a big supporter of police officers but at what point would they stand down against ludicrous orders? It appears that the UK officers in the video will do anything regardless of right or wrong.

UPDATE: 06/14/18 - Tommy Robinson moved in prison to heavily populated area of Muslims and Imam orders hit on him

Some are claiming that moving Robinson to a heavily Muslim-populated prison represents a de facto “death sentence”. Robinson himself asked for the release of the information because he fears for his own safety.

A fatwa was also reportedly issued against Tommy Robinson by an imam within 24 hours of him being transferred to the new prison.

See what happens when you out the system when it is actively running against the local natives of Europe? When a man exposes all the child rapes by Muslim gangs? The system... the "progressives"... the globalists aim to let their unknowing foot-soldiers do the work of killing Tommy. This would set off a spark for a revolt and a war in Europe by supporters of Tommy against the Muslim extremists. This is what the globalists want... chaos. Chaos created by them.

UPDATE: 08/18 - Tommy Freed Early Due To System Trying To Railroad Him

Excerpt: At the court of appeal on Wednesday, the lord chief justice, Lord Burnett of Maldon, upheld the Canterbury ruling but said the ruling in Leeds was “flawed” and there should be a retrial.

In the judgment, the lord chief justice quashed the Leeds finding of contempt. That court hearing should not have proceeded immediately but waited to hear the case on a “fully informed basis”, he said.

Basically the system threw him into jail without a trial for bringing to light the rapists who attacked children.
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