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Exclamation Nike Supports Anthem Protests And Overseas, Slave Labor

Nike Supports Anthem Protests And Overseas, Slave Labor

#BoycottNike is now the number 1 trending topic on Twitter in the US...

- zerohedge.com

Talk about hijacking a political narrative for a corporate profit, Nike has a large poster of Kaepernick saying, "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything." Followed by the "Just Do It" logo.

So this behemoth corporation who has utilized cheap, slave labor in China and is more than likely moving on to robots to make Nike products, regular people should support kneeling to the US anthem and Kaepernick's protests because Nike supposedly supports him?


This is mass marketing to a fad or an ideology. It is not coming from a place of solidarity.

Let's ask this - do you think if we offered to place this site, globalproject.is to be on a Nike poster that Nike would "Just Do It"? No they wouldn't.

Even with all of this collected data on this site, proving how dangerous the current form of globalization is... they wouldn't do it. Why? Because Nike is a globalist corporation that has business dealings in every nation on Earth.

Nike is a fraud. Stick with selling shoes.

Note that Kaepernick has the right if he so chooses to kneel but we also have the right not to kneel. Accept it.

Kneeling during games plays into the whole narrative that America is a racist, white privileged, horrible place to be.

Lies. Propaganda. Inflammatory. Poison.

Wake up and unite, America. Be a sovereign nation. Don't believe what a globalist corporation says.

Read this---> How it all started

...and this---> Response by military folks to Nike/Kap deal
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