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Exclamation After Hit On Gaddafi How's Libya Doing? Obama/Clinton Fixed It?

After Hit On Gaddafi How's Libya Doing? Obama/Clinton Fixed It?

Excerpt: More than seven years after NATO launched a regime change war in Libya on the side of anti-Gaddafi rebels, the West is again being asked to intervene as the country further descends into civil war.

Except this time it's the internationally recognized government since installed in Tripoli that is at war with itself, and the death toll from inter-factional fighting since August has now reached over 100 and is growing as street battles in Tripoli suburbs rage, causing leaders to urge the United Nations to act.

- zerohedge.com

Amazing how conveniently Libya's leader Gaddafi was assassinated and groups like ISIS took over areas and then after years of chaos the nation is asking help from the United Nations.

Who (if researching the powers of global centralization) didn't see this coming a mile away?

Don't forget... Obama, Clinton and Trump have all done the same thing... continued war in the Middle East. They are operating under a power greater than them. They are puppets.

Trump said he'd get the U.S. out of Syria. Has he? Nope.

Politicians and the top 1% who rule the world across all nations know two things - don't rock the boat unless given orders too and make as much money as possible while in power. They are all minions of something far more sinister.

Remember this---> Look At What Globalists Did For Libya - More Worse Off Than Ever

This---> ISIS Marches On Libya - Another Nation Destroyed By Globalist Policy

And this---> H. Clinton, Globalist, "Progressive", Neocon Responsible For Arab Spring Disaster
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