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Default Globalist Pledges Investment Fund To Develop Markets Across Africa

Globalist Pledges Investment Fund To Develop Markets Across Africa

Excerpt: The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for more private investment in Africa as she hosted African leaders as part of a concerted effort to combat underdevelopment on the continent.

"We have also signed agreements on the free movement of people and a continental free trade area, the FTA, making Africa a single trading bloc."

- africanews.com

We see two interesting developments going on here.

1.) The language "underdevelopment" is suspect.

Underdevelopment is code for the natives not having enough banking establishments, not enough media, not enough cell phones, not enough grocery stores, etc. In other words, globalists are implying that Africa is not enough like western civilization and needs to be developed more... brought into the growing globalist/centralized system.

This begins with small steps but eventually the targeted nation and its leadership are brought inline to be "developed".

These nations often are targeted for more access to clean drinking water and power-plants too. But remember - that comes with a bill. Locals will be made to live within this westernized system and pay those utility bills, enriching the developers.

Nothing wrong with helping from a place of sincerity but in truth all issues must be looked at from all sides and what the repercussions are on down the road.

2.) The other interesting development here is the agreements on the free movement of people and a continental free trade area.

According to the UN (United Nations) - The free movement of people across borders have been high on the regional integration agenda for member States, primarily because of the prospective trade gains that are associated with it.

Clearly this is for the development of an economic system that will enrich locals to a point and certainly enrich the owners, private investors, especially globalists. Remember - robots and AI are the future, not human workers.

“free movement of people and the rights of residence and establishment” comprises the fifth phase of the Abuja Treaty that is projected to be realized by 2023. To date, businesses are not able to attain, move or retain professionals because of restrictive immigration laws that hamper the mobility of professional services, causing limited regional skills pooling throughout the continent.

Remember what has been discussed in other spots here at Global Project: It is every nations sovereign right to allow as many or as little immigrants as that nation sees fit in order to maintain a balance of people to resources available. (#22 - Population Control)

It appears that all borders are basically being erased and that those in power consider (mentored by globalists) now consider immigration laws to be a hindrance to success.

Leaders and policymakers need to work towards the goal of every African being able to scan an African passport at immigration controls continent-wide.

With a one-size-fits-all passport that works for the entire continent, a passport that is the same for all Africans, that nationality will be a thing of the past and unique African cultures/creeds/religions will be slowly made unrecognizable.

All Africans are not the same. Just as the EU has many different cultures within the Caucasian realm so does Africa. Just as in the EU, Africa is being mashed together for the benefit of globalization as opposed to the benefit and native control themselves.

Development appears beneficial but Africa will be locked within a system that aims to control everything in the end through economic coercion and deceptive lending/development practices.

In the end we must ask ourselves what will happen to the African mind and people overall? What will happen to their way of thinking? What will happen to their history? Who will ultimately be running the banks, the central banks, the trade routes? Who will control and manage this system that they are eagerly taking in and copying? Ultimately diversity will be a thing of the past and the world will be populated by people who look and think alike... developed for the benefit of those who aim to centralize the world.

The implications, the negatives is that generations on down the road, there will be no unique cultures. There will only be an overdeveloped, overpopulated world that suffers from a massive lack of natural resources... created by greed... development. Once that system is falling apart, a fascist version of globalization will be empowered to monitor what all global citizens receive to survive - shelter/clothing/food.

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