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Old November 28th, 2018, 02:09 AM
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Default First, Economic Slow-Down, Then War, Then Major Depression, Then Civil War

As things stand with enemies within the US, a hard trade war with China and trade tariffs against other nations, a standoff between NATO and Russia and of course Trump going all-in with his schemes to supposedly MAGA... there will be a slow down in the US and global economy... a conventional war with China and possibly Russia... a global depression of epic proportions that will dwarf the 2008 financial crisis and after America has been deeply wounded economically and through war (maybe even a real loss), a civil war in America fomented by "progressives" and globalists who aim to destroy the beacon of nationalism and sovereignty.

All of this chaos will usher in the idea that systems; such as free-markets, capitalism and a republic are no longer salvageable due to the abuse these systems took by the greedy within in order to undermine Americans and the world... profiteering and pilfering the wealth and freedom the US citizen created.

America will go bust and remain a crippled version of herself for some time into the future.
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