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Old November 29th, 2018, 11:56 AM
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Exclamation Twitter Bans Feminist For Writing "Men Aren't Women"

Twitter Bans Feminist For Writing "Men Aren't Women"

Excerpt: What is insane to me, though, is that while Twitter knowingly permits graphic pornography and death threats on the platform (I have reported countless violent threats, the vast majority of which have gone unaddressed), they won’t allow me to state very basic facts, such as ‘men aren’t women.’ This is hardly an abhorrent thing to say, nor should it be considered ‘hateful’ to ask questions about the notion that people can change sex, or ask for explanations about transgender ideology. These are now, like it or not, public debates — debates that are impacting people’s lives, as legislation and policy are being imposed based on gender identity ideology…

Twitter is clearly one-sided in its allowance of users to post ideas. Their side is the side of destroying natural relationships and promoting mental illness as normal.

It's not wrong to debate and state biological facts about transgender propaganda. This is the root of democracy... debate, rhetoric, facts, arguing and then continuing with truth, based upon science, nature and what is healthy for families and society.

Twitter and other social media giants aim to stifle and censor facts so that others are limited to a one-sided view of an issue that is literally self-destructive.

It is a scientific fact that men aren't women and women aren't men.

Yet this is allowed by Twitter---> Twitter Allows ANTIFA To Publish 37 ICE Agents Personal Data

This is acceptable too---> Twitter Allows ANTIFA To Post Violence Towards President But Bans Conservatives
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