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Exclamation VIDEO: Chinese Belittle Africans In Africa For Lack Of Development

VIDEO: Chinese Belittle Africans In Africa For Lack Of Development

This Chinese man gives an African a hard time for not developing Africa in a way that is conducive to western or eastern thought.

This scenario is one of the main points to this research project. To point out how globalization is destroying cultures, traditions, religions and tribes.

Whether Africans develop just like another civilization is a moot point. The real point is that Africans should be allowed to develop the way they want and be allowed to run their own country.

Globalization aims to make everyone look and think alike in a hive-like mentality where they are supported by robots and a centralized system.

Globalization belittles and destroys the past, creating a future where all people are dependent upon this growing, global, central authority.

This video literally demonstrates the disrespect and disdain by many who think they are better than other people because they utilize modern day inventions while laying waste to the locals... the tribe... the natives.

The pursuit of riches and power is a globalist mandate. The people of the world cannot be forced or deceived to exist under one global super authority without those who desire to rule it to move in and place prefabricated economic systems and "legal" documents upon the neck of the locals.

This greed knows no color. It has been seen with Africans who sell their own people into slavery, the Chinese who enslave their own to build the Great Wall of China and the English enslaving the Scottish. This greed for power is colorless because its an ideology for power which can be seen in every color.

Some will jump the gun and blame capitalism. It is not capitalism. It is those who run the system to benefit the few and manipulate the markets in order to slowly make the middle class and below enslaved to this highly manipulated capitalist system. And remember... communism is where the government owns everything which is even worse as there is no escape.

Look here---> VIDEO: Who Were The Luddites & Why We Need Them Today

The Luddites were people, exploited by rich people seeking greater market share (e.g. globalization today by the power of the purse).

Remember this---> How Globalists Work To Divide A Nation, Create War, Move In To Take Over And Why
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